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Sea almond leaves are added to the aquarium water because of their positive effect on fish and shrimp. Catappa-X is the effective liquid variant.

When the leaves of the sea almond tree are added to the water, they release healing substances. The disadvantage is that they will rot after some time and organic compounds will be released. This creates uncomfortable side effects. The water turns brown and the released organic substances contaminate and pollute the water.

Catappa-X is the answer to these problems. It does not discolour the water and does not cause additional water pollution. It lowers the germ density so that the risk of diseases is greatly reduced. Catappa-X also makes fish and shrimps thrive much better and gives your fish an intense colouring.

Weekly10 ml per 100 litres water

Easy Life Catappa-X
Easy Life Catappa-X 6
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