WILD Micro Bits – Minnows Diet | 100g

WILD Micro Bits – Minnows Diet | 100g


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High protein balanced nutrition food for all fishes

  • Formulated with natural color enhancing ingredients to exhibit natural color
  • Coated vitamin ‘C’ to make this diet as premium without any side effect
  • Enriched with marine proteins, amino acids, multi vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids
  • Formulated specially for Tetra, Rainbows, Guppies, Betta fish, Corydoras and Loaches etc
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WILD Micro Bits – Minnows Diet fish feed coated with natural color enhancing ingredients to exhibit the nature’s art of beautiful color of your tiny beauties at it’s best. This community food is formulated with selected raw material with balanced dietary fiber content and stabilized micro coated vitamin ‘C’ to make this diet as premium segment feed without any side effect. Formulated with the blend of marine proteins, and amino acids, multi vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids a perfect food for small fish.

This high protein balanced nutritional fish feed formulated specially for Tetra, Rainbows, Guppies, Betta fish, fresh water Goby fish, Killifish, Corydoras and Loaches.


Peru/chile premium fish meal, fish protein hydrolysates, squid liver meal, wheat flour, krill meal, yeast powder, soy lecithin, fish oil, stabilized vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin A, anti-oxidants, essential amino acids, PUFA & HUFA fatty acids, and mineral supplements.

Nutritional Value:

Protein 46% | Fat >6% | Ash <12% | Fiber 4% | Moisture <10%


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