Wild Green Care Cyanobacteria Control Additive

Aquatic plant health improving bacteria / Cyanobacteria outbreak controller

GREEN care contains billions of Fukumoto’srhizobacteria. It’s ability to colonize around the plant roots to fight against fungus and pathogenic bacteria.

Our special strain of super bacteria makes a symbiotic relation with plants, thus keeping plants healthy and stress free, by making them disease resistance.

This special blend of bacteria along with inoculated bacterial enzymes controlscyanobacteria similar to blue green algae appearance.


1 spoon inside measures approximately 1 gram powder
Use weekly once, 1 gram / 100 liters. Dissolve well in a cup of clean water and disperse in the aquarium tank. Few hours, it may show cloudy water and settle down quickly as crystal clear.

Wild Green Care Cyanobacteria Control Additive 4
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