Wild Flora Ace Substrate Powder Additive



Flora Ace contain natural minerals, humic,fluvic substances, plant health bacterial concentrates and enzymes.

Enrich and power the substrate with minerals, nutrients, organic acids and bacterial enzymes, which takes care of root health and spurs the plant growth by slow and steady supply of natural minerals.
The special blend of rhizobacteria which fight against plant root pathogens including fungal and bacterial infection. Keep plants stress and disease free.


5 grams per sq. ft


NEW TANK SETUP – take the required amount of powder as per the dosage, sprinkle over the bare bottom of the tank before the soil layout. REGULAR USE – 1 g(inside spoon equal to 1 g) / 100 litres weeklyor during water change. Temporary cloudy-ness may occur for few hours.

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Wild Flora Ace Substrate Powder Additive 4
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