Pull-up 4 clasps due to arrow’s direction the clasps depart from the cover

There are two handles on the cross of filter body, hold the handle’s bottom then pull up, filter cover and body departed

Take out the filter box, put in filter materials or bio-cottons due as you like

Put back the full filter box in turn, put on cover

Please pay attention, the inlet of filter box must be same direction with the ‘IN’ mark on the cover

Close and mark sure it is sealed well, and then put down 4 clasps

Connect 16 in/outlet adjuster on bend connector where there is marked “IN” screw down it

Connect 12 in/outlet adjuster on band connector above in/outlet adjuster where marked “OUT” then screw down

Attention: Before connect above in/outlet adjuster, please check if the O RING on the connector is well

Put the tube 16mm into 16 in/outlet adjuster and screw down, then put the tube 12mm into 12 in/outlet adjuster and screw

Please see the swift of in/outlet adjuster is on

You can decide the direction and height by yourself, then put tube 12mm into outlet bend connector and screw down

There has a jet connector outlet parts, if you don’t want scatter pipe, then jet can replaced

The UV germicidal lamp must be replaced more than 8000 hours, otherwise they will lose the bactricidal effect

When you replace the tube, please cut off the power, unscrew the screws with a screwdrive, remove the fixed plate, and then down to pull out the quartz tube, then you  can remove the tube

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