#ONFCorner is a scape, a greenery, a space, a relaxing spot, and our favorite corner. Each scene is unique, and every day it changes with the light and shadow.

This publication takes the name of #ONFCorner as a starting point, and goes into the #ONFCorner created by ONF lovers from different countries around the world to see how these aquascape enthusiasts from different cultures and backgrounds combine ONF’s minimalist aesthetics and exquisite lighting with creative landscaping and comfortable home décor to create a new look for home life driven by greenery.

No matter where we are, our love for nature is always present in our lives. The interviewees of #ONFCorner find their own way of living in their own corner of the world as time goes by. We invite you to experience these beautiful corners of the world where plants and everyday life meet, and to experience the beauty of nature together.

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#ONFCorner Urban Green Living


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