Masterline Root Caps Loose (Custom Packing)


Masterline Root Caps Loose Custom Packing

More robust plants through a healthier root system – the MasterLine Root Caps give nutrient-poor soils power again! The result: Vigorous growth and intense colours, the plants radiate vitality and unfold their natural beauty. The granulate fertiliser is used with the addition of MasterLine fertiliser in aquariums with soil or gravel as a substrate.

To use, stick the fertiliser balls deep under the plants with tweezers, always keeping a distance of 10cm between the capsules. The nutrients are gradually released, avoiding overdosing. Refreshing takes place after three months: simply insert new capsules! The granulate has no effect on the water quality, it can be easily vacuumed off after use.

Masterline Root Caps Loose (Custom Packing)
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