Filtering an aquarium is one of the most crucial components that keeps plants healthy & attractive as well as livestock. In?nature,?water?is?filtered?through layers of soil, sand, rock, and other?natural?materials like leaves. In home aquaria we can replicate this through an external filter such as the Fzone S.S. Filter?in combination with?Fzone Glass Lily Pipes that return the water back into the aquarium. The Fzone Glass Lily Pipe Set are ultra-clear borosilicate glass made to blend in with your aquarium.? Provide the perfect habitat for your livestock with the Fzone Glass Lily Pipe Set.

Inflow Protects Livestock

  • Slim design made from high quality lab-grade borosilicate glass
  • The intake opening at the bottom of the inflow are precisely made to enhance the overall waterflow aquarium.
  • Filter guard can be attached effortlessly to protect against accidental livestock from being harmed.



Lily Pipe Outflow

  • The Fzone Lily Pipe Outflow delivers clean water from the external filter into the aquarium & provides a smooth non-turbulent flow.
  • The flow & the water surface in the aquarium are moderate. This prevents?more?Co2 from escaping because of the oxygen exchange at the surface, which is a vital?nutrient for aquatic plants.
  • Creates a vortex avoiding dead spots in your aquaria.?



Borosilicate Lab Grade Glass


  • The Fzone Glass Lily Pipe Set is made with laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. Each piece is carefully hand-blown by our lamp workers in our hot shop.
  • Ultra-clear glass camouflages with your plants & fish allowing you to showcase your aquaria without any messy equipment getting in the way.?



Easy to Clean & Set-up

  • Mix 50:50 solution of bleach & water; soak 2-3 hours. Perform this function every 2-4 months for cleaning the Lily Pipes.
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 110 gallons.?
  • Wet all the glass connections before attaching the Vinyl Tubing to avoid breaking the glass.
  • Includes high quality?


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