Dophin CF800 Mini Canister Filter

It is a powerful external Canister Filter for medium tanks, plant tanks,shrimp aquarium. The filter is suitable for both sea water and fresh water tanks. the four safety locks to ensure and prevent water leakage.High quality

filter medium with spouse material and renewable charcoal block portable filter chamber easy to clean and exchange the medium.

  • Suitable for small tank,plant tank,shrimp aquarium and small marine aquarium
  • High Quality filter medium with sponge material and renewable cartridge
  • The four safety locks to ensure and prevent water leakage
  • Adapt the filtering design and easy to design
  • Enclose with automatic exhaust tube
  • Portable filter chamber which are easy to clean and change the medium
  • watt 20W
  • Max output850 L/H


1.Self-priming system.

2.Quick and easy disconnect system.

3.Suitable for freshwater and saltwater.

4.Mechanical and biological system.

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