Dophin C1600 Canister Filter

  • Unique streamlined design,efficient use of the entire canister volume
  • Adopt super quality Dophin series canister Filter which is less energy.consumption,more reliable opreation,provides longer life and low in noise
  • Filter through diffrent media,improve the reproduction of beneficial nitrobacteria.
  • The structure of pumb head is wonderful,allows for simple operation and cleaning
  • For fresh and salt water aquarium


  • Voltage:120-230V
  • Frequency:60/50 HZ
  • Power Consumption:27 W
  • Flow Height Max:210cm
  • Flow Rate-2540 Ltr Per hour
  • Suitable upto 450 Ltr Aquarium
  • Medium Bucket- 5 Layers (Tray)
  • Media Included-Ceramic,Carbon,Black Sponge and White wool

Instruction manual

The Dophin C1600 Canister Filter is used to be placed lower than the aquarium.Easy to install. All  Filter materials are available. Before use, bags of products should be removed. In addition,Filter Materials such as sponge, carbon and ceramic are washed under the tap and placed in filter baskets.Water inlet and outlet houses are attached. After the houses are placed in the aquarium,they are ready for operation after the air is pressed with the help of the air pump located in the upper part, from the aquarium to the bucket when water is  inserted into the outlet.

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