Biological Aquarium Cleaner, 1 Oz (30 ML)

Biological Aquarium Cleaner, 1 Oz (30 ML)


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  • Reduces organic waste and overall tank maintenance by effectively cleaning interior surfaces
  • Infused with Bio Scrubbers – beneficial bacteria that breaks down waste and promotes clean water and living conditions
  • Ideal for heavily populated tanks, new aquarium set-ups and as part of your regular maintenance routine
  • For best results, use in combination with Fluval Biological Enhancer (Cycle) to prevent/control potential increases in ammonia and nitrite caused by breakdown of organic matter
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums


    Dosing Instructions:
    Waste build up initial dosage: 10 mL per 10 US Gal (37.8 L)
    For new set-ups & maintenance: 5 mL per 37.8 L (10 US Gal)
    120 mL (4 fl oz) bottle treats up to 908 L (240 US Gal)

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Fluval Biological Aquarium Cleaner reduces unsafe organic matter (fish waste, decaying leaves, uneaten food, etc.) that regularly gather on filters, gravel, ornaments and other surfaces.




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