AquaVascular Plant Fertilizer Master Pack is a combo pack of :

  1. AquaVascular Complete Fertilizer – 250 ml
  2. AquaVascular PGR1 PGR2 & AquaRevive – 30ml Each
  3. AquaVascular GHBooster , KH Booster – 250 ml Each
  4. AquaVascular GH & KH Test Kit – 1 Each

Recommended Levels of GH and KH are:  GH – 4-5dGH  and KH – 3dKH

This combo will help you supply necessary nutrients for your planted aquariums the right way. Understand the interdependency of nutrients , Test your water GH and KH, dose GH and KH boost accordingly before going ahead with dosing the All in One Fertilizer.

AquaVascular Complete is an All In One (well, no all in one fertilizer is really all in one, as Calcium needs to be supplied separately and that is why one needs to have GH boosters in hand) plant Fertilizer. It is fortified with adequate nutrients to provide balanced nutrients to your Aquatic Plants. This unique formulation results in healthy plant growth, better coloration and new growth. Aquavascular “Complete Nutrition” is carefully designed to provide weekly demand of Potassium(16ppm), Nitrate(5ppm) and Phosphate(2.5ppm), Iron(0.15ppm), Magnesium (1.5ppm) with added trace elements like Boron, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zinc.

AquaVascular Plant Fertilizer Master Pack


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