AquaVascular Plant Aid Pack is a combo pack of AquaVascular PGR1 PGR 2 and Aquarevive – all 30 ml each. Irrespective of the fertilizer you use, Aquavascular Plant Aid Pack will boost the over all health of your tank and plants.

PGR-1 : Plant growth Regulator for Aquatic Plants Acts against dormancy, stunted growth and helps in early growth

PGR-2 : Plant growth Regulator for Aquatic Plants Acts upon Tissue differentiation, cell division, delayed leaf senescence and recovery from environment stress

Dosage :
PGR-1 – 5 Drops per 25Ltr once in two weeks
PGR-2 – 5 Drops per 25Ltr once in two weeks


Aquarevive is a revolutionary product which accelerates the breakdown of plant residues , stimulating aerobic microbes. It is effective at improving soil aeration and effectively neutralizes ammonia.

In a planted aquarium, aquarevive increases the solubility of fertilizers and the capacity to absorb the insoluble form of phosphates , thereby helping to overcome the saline stress. It also helps to control of a wide variety of fungal and bacterial phyto-pathogens.


0.5-1.0 ml per 100 litres of water.

Note :
Shrimp & Fish Safe
Free from harmful chemicals like glutaraldehyde

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AquaVascular Plant Aid Pack


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