AQUATIC REMEDIES Stop Planaria | 60ml

AQUATIC REMEDIES Stop Planaria | 60ml


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Fish Deworming Formula

  • Plant Safe
  • Shrimp Safe
  • Treatment for planaria problem in shrimp tanks
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Powerful treatment for planaria problem in shrimp tanks.

AQUATIC REMEDIES Stop Planaria is a kind of flat worm that can kill aquarium shrimps quickly. This parasites attack the shrimps and slowly eat away while they are live.

STOP PLANARIA is a proven medication effective against PLANARIA parasite without any side effect for shrimps, and aquatic plants. Two dose of this medication at prescribed dose is enough to completely control planaria problem in shrimp tank.

DOSAGE :- 10ML/100l , Total doses : Two times, Day1 : 1st dose, Day3 : 2nd Dose. For precaution dose apply STOP PLANARIA as 2 month once.

Usage :-

  • Shake well the suspension before use.
  • Take a clean cup of water and add required amount of prescribed STOP PLANARIA, dissolve well and pour inside the tank.
  • Change 25% of water after 24 hours of product application every time.
  • Follow the DOSAGE as per the prescription.
  • Keep the opened bottle in the refrigerator (4 degree Celsius) for reuse.


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