Aquario Neo Flow Premium M -13 mm

Aquario Neo Flow Premium is a premium version of original aquario neo flow. Premium flow comes has a skimmer attachment to the outlet which helps remove bacteria film from the surface of water, aerate and create surface agitation for your aquariums. It also has a reliver attachment which helps reduce the out flow pressure in planted aquariums.

Neo Flow Premium 13 mm is for For hose sizes of 12/16 and comes with free Neo Holder * 2 to be attached to the tank.


  • A lily pipe that does not break!
  • Made of patented material that can bends and not break , makes maintenance easier.
  • Neo Flow Skimmer is a mechanical skimmer and fits to the out let pipe
  • Neo Flow Premium with skimmer looks very compact and doesn’t affect the overall look of your tank.
Aquario Neo Flow Premium M -13 Mm With Skimmer & Reliver


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