ONF Flat Nano + Smart planted aquarium lighting (App control)

ONF Flat Nano + Smart planted aquarium lighting (App control)


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ONF Flat Nano+ 24/7 Automated LED Aquarium Light, Mobile APP Remote Control, Dimmable Full Spectrum Sunrise/Set for Under 10 Gallons Freshwater Fish Tank, Potted Plant and Succulent, IP54 Waterproof

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  • 【Vivid Full Spectrum LEDs】15 watt LED, 1300 lumen, 7000K white light, designed to revive heavily planted freshwater aquariums, offers the fantastic shimmer that mimics the natural underwater effect of sunlight and spacious light stage. Freshwater use only, recommended for 2 to 9 gal rimless tanks.
  • 【Height Adjustable & Easy Installation】Effortlessly install and set the perfect height for your tanks. The side clamp design for better style and compatibility to various tank widths. To install, slide clamp to set the height and tighten to secure, fit onto 0.19-0.31in thick tank edges, rotate to ideal angle and connect to power to complete installation.
  • 【App Control, Customization Made Easy】The free ONF Link app uses your phone (available for iOS and Android) to manage your ONF devices, including Daylight Cycle, brightness and color temperature, and keeps up to 5 groups of settings. The built-in IC retains the setting even when turned off, never losing track. (Check the video for illustration)
  • 【4~20 Levels Dimmable】Powerful yet energy efficient. Set dimming at 25%, 50%, 75% to 100% power through touch panel or 5% increment through mobile APP. Supports low to high light level (PAR) plant growth and multi-intensity light with a gradual ramp-up and down design to protect your eyes, fish and other aquatic creatures. Set the ambiance for any room or aquascape.
  • 【Durable and Warranty】Award Engineering & Design by iF, Red Dot and Golden Pin. The full alloy body offers durable IP54 waterproof, great heat dissipation and energy efficiency. Package includes 1 year warranty and friendly customer service.





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