How to get rid of Cyanobacteria or Blue Green Algae

Every aquarium lover can relate when they come across the term BGA. There is always a commotion and confusion around this topic; as the internet has advices on various methods to banish them and not all method could work on your tank. It is a highly displeasing and painful task to get rid of; and […]

How to build a Forest/Jungle Aquascape

It is a wild and rustic design that is obtained when you let your plants grow to its full potential without any control. It aims to obtain a natural and untamed appearance with densely populated plants. This style is a friend to all beginners of aqua-scaping as little to no maintenance is required. Let us […]

What is Nature Style Aquscape?

This is achieved by recreating or imitating a landscape, nature style is preferred by most, for its comprehensive use of materials. Although difficult to pull off, this style has the reputation of winning awards for its hobbyists. Different materials such as rocks, stones, sand, plant and fish come into play. Let us look into the […]

What is Dutch Style Aquascaping

As discussed in the blog Aqua-scaping Styles, The Dutch focuses on highlighting the flora of the Aquatic World. It is one of the oldest styles of scaping relying on various fast-growing plant without compromising on the beauty. The texture, colour and shapes of plants are used in the play. If you want to try your […]

What are the different Aquascaping styles

What is aqua-scaping? If you are an avid aquarium hobbyist, you must be familiar with this term. Aqua-scaping is the art of designing an aquarium with plants, rocks, driftwood, aquarium ornaments etc; that is pleasing to the eyes. In simple terms, it is like gardening, but in your aquarium. Although it looks effortless; each scaping […]

How to grow Bucephalandra

All you need to know about Bucephalandra What is Bucephalandra? Our dear Buce is a plant that you find in abundance growing along streams, attached to rocks. They are the amphibians among aquatic plants meaning, you can grow them emersed and submersed in water. A low maintenance and a friend to all aquarium lovers, beginners […]

How to control Algae in Planted Aquarium

The internet swarms with techniques where one can overcome the slimy greens. Before we find ways to curb algae, one must realise that the growth cannot be completely eradicated. We can take multiple measures that can help us control them, as this is a normal process. A common misconception is that algae is green and […]

How to purchase aquarium products online in India

How to purchase aquarium products online in India India is seeing a boom in aquarium hobby , especially on planted aquarium setup and maintenance segment. As a result many importers in India has brought in many international aquarium accessories brands to India to cater to the demanding and varied requirements of Indian aquarium hobbyists . […]

How to install an aquarium canister filter

Filters are considered to be the heart of any aquarium . They keep the biological balance for an aquarium by housing filter media , which inturn performs the biological , mechanical and chemical filtration. Filters are heart of any aquarium What are the components of a canister filter for aquarium A canister filter setup typically […]

How to Choose fertilizer for planted aquariums

There exist a lot a aquarium fertilizer brands. All are good but few are fool proof. What are the best fertilizers for Planted Aquariums in India? Indian aquarium market is currently flooded with a lot of fertilizer brands. This includes imported planted aquarium fertilizers as well as made in India fertilizers. Out of the entire […]

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